Iteration is the compound interest of app development. Start here to add AI to your existing applications.

icon for GitHub Issue Triage

GitHub Issue Triage

Identify duplicate issues, summarize feedback, and prioritize issues using several models

icon for Base Template

Base Template

Minimal starting point for new Hypermode projects. Use this to get to `hello world` quickly and build from there!

icon for Product Catalog Search

Product Catalog Search

Add natural language search to your product catalog, and find the right products based on more than just keywords.

icon for Hypercategories


Play the classic game with an AI host and AI contestants

icon for AI-Powered Emoji Search

AI-Powered Emoji Search

Build your own natural language emoji finder to get the right emoji based on sentiment instead of keyword search.

Content Moderation

Use LLMs to monitor and manage user-generated content to ensure compliance with community guidelines.

Outlier Detection

Identify and flag anomalies or unusual patterns in data sets (fraud, spam, etc.)

Help Desk Copilot

Ship an AI assistant with automatic SLA-based urgency tags and response suggestions.

Entity Resolution

Improve entity resolution with LLMs to identify the same entity across different data sources.

Customer Review Curation

Summarize and highlight the most relevant feedback or issues from your customers.